Pocket Pimped videos provide quick education about the most commonly asked questions in orthopedic surgery.


Total Knee Arthroplasty - Component Positioning

Patella Instability

Lag Screw Principles reviewed


Open Fractures - Classifications and Associations



Calcaneus Fractures



Patella Fractures - Know which ones require surgery! 


VISI DISI of the Wrist Simplified 



ACL - Everything you need to know


Terrible Triad of the Elbow


The Basics of Shoulder Arthroscopy 

How to Apply an AO splint 

How to Apply a Short Arm Cast 

A review of humeral shaft fractures, pertinent anatomy, and treatment options. 

What Makes a "Good" X-ray? 

Radiographic Lines of the Pelvis


Distal Fibula Fractures - Anatomic considerations, Weber Classification, and when stress radiographs are necessary. 


Flexor Tenosynovitis - Definition, diagnosis (Kanaval Signs), and treatment in less than 60 seconds! 


Tibial Plateau Fractures - Shatzker classification, associations, and operative indications. 



Judet Views - Radiographs explained and how to keep them straight.  


Intertroch Femur Fractures - stable vs unstable explained! 


Femoral Neck Fractures - Garden and Pauwel's Classifications 


Radiographic Lines of the Foot - learn how to evaluate foot X-rays in less than 60 seconds! 


Pediatric Supracondylar Humerus Fractures - Gartland classification and associated neuropraxias.